Twitter for Lead Generation

in Social Media ROI

The more I use social media for marketing, the more I find that more than anything else, social media works for branding. Social media enables us to create or strengthen an image, to establish a brand as a pioneer, as a thought-leader, or simply as a very cool brand that people genuinely want to follow and interact with.

Social media is also great when it comes to building loyalty and retaining customers, turning them into fans and ambassadors for your product.

When it comes to lead generation, the connection between using social media and getting leads is not that clear, and the connection between social media and growth in sales or revenue is even less clear.

But it doesn’t mean it does not exist. It depends a lot on the brand and on the product. Take a look at the following Twitter conversation:

Person A: “I find most of my gift ideas through blogs and twitter.”

Person B responds: “Me too.. would never have heard of Baby Bunch, now it is my first place to look for shower gifts.”

Social media can help you get found on the Web. It can generate leads and sales. How much exactly? It’s easier to measure if your sales cycle is short, more difficult if you’re a B2B company with a long sales cycle. But the bottom line is, social media adds visibility and creates opportunities that would not have existed otherwise.

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